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Tulsa,OK 74104
Phone: (918) 747-7544
Fax: (918) 747-3952


At Pediatric & Adolescent Care, our commitment to your comfort and safety begins with the staff, who serve every patient with skill and compassion. Maintaining top notch staff is a key priority for PAC: we hope you appreciate their efforts.


Under the direction of Donna Leister, R.N. all-professional (R.N. and L.P.N.) nursing staff bring decades of pediatric expertise to the service of our patients.

Lisa Barrow leads our business and clerical division in everything from scheduling your child’s checkup to checking you in and out.


Our nurses provide telephone advice, prepare patients for doctor visits, administer immunizations and carry out medical treatments.


Our laboratory offers a broad array of blood, urine, throat, and skin testing in a modern and CLIA certified setting. Chest, abdominal, and skeletal x-rays are also available. Our in-house laboratory and radiography provide us fast and reliable information in a child friendly atmosphere.