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Pediatric & Adolescent Care Mission Statement

Pediatric & Adolescent Care, LLP (PAC) is an independent medical partnership serving the medical and developmental needs of patients from birth to early adulthood.

PAC utilizes a cooperative model wherein patients may develop close, longitudinal relationships with one provider while enjoying the greater accessibility and breadth of knowledge afforded by a collaborative team of providers.

While one provider is tasked to oversee the evaluation and management of a given illness or injury, every PAC provider and staff member is responsible to and for every patient, so that continuity of care may always be assured.

Evaluation and treatment of illness or injury begins with knowledgeable and compassionate triage, timely scheduling and insightful early assessment. Safe, accurate and dependable execution of medical orders must be assured for our patients. We believe these services are best provided by an all professional nursing staff of both registered and licensed practical nurses.

Through our collaboration with local, state and national health care authorities, both public and private, we strive to maintain a medical knowledge base informed by the most current, evidence-based medical science.

Growth, health and developmental surveillance are the necessary ingredients of well child care at PAC. Injury and illness prevention, parenting guidance and healthy lifestyle promotion are the essential products.

Through these principles, we seek to insure our families a professional, supportive and enriching health care experience.

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